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Cal Grant

Cal Grant is a financial aid program administrated by the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) providing aid to California undergraduates, vocational training students, and those in teacher certification programs. Cal Grants are the largest source of California state funded student financial aid.

A Cal Grant is money for college you don’t have to pay back. To qualify, you must meet the eligibility and financial requirements as well as any minimum GPA requirements. Cal Grants can be used at any University of California, California State University or California Community College, as well as qualifying independent and career colleges or technical schools in California.

There are three kinds of Cal Grants — A, B and C — but you don’t have to figure out which one to apply for. Your eligibility will be based on your FAFSA responses, your verified Cal Grant GPA, the type of California colleges you list on your FAFSA and whether you’re a recent high school graduate. To learn more about the qualifications, go to

What to do to be considered for CAL Grant Financial Aid?

To be considered for a Cal Grant, you must:

  1. Complete a FAFSA or Dream Act application between October 1st and March 2nd. The FAFSA application can be completed online at FAFSA. The Dream Act application can be completed online at California Dream Act.
  2. Create your Web Grant account @Web Grants 4 Students.
  3. Must verify your college and confirm high school graduation. .

How do I submit my Cal Grant GPA for Verification?

Each school electronically submits every senior's GPA by October 1st. Please note, Cal Grant GPA is computed differently as it only includes 10-11 grades, does not include PE or courses similar to PE (i.e. athletics, weights training, etc.) and does not weight AP or honors grades.

Cal Grant Resources

What are the different award amounts for Cal Grant A, B or C?

Cal Grant Income Ceiling for 2019-2020 academic year

What to do next?

To Qualify you must submit your FAFSA or Dream Act Application by March 2nd & Create your Web Grant account

Helpful Cal Grant Phone Numbers