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Foster Youth Support Guidelines

When a newly placed Foster Youth arrives at your campus, please follow these steps to enroll them:

  1. Call 325-2112 to confirm that the Foster Youth Program Manager, Norma Cardona, or Director of Equity and Accountability is available for enrollment. Refer the youth and adult enrolling him/her to the DISC at 3105 “G” St in Merced to meet with the Foster Youth Program Manager.

  1. The Program Manager will conduct an Educational Intake process to ensure proper school placement and request most recent student records from previous school(s) to include disenrollment grades, and confirmation of IEP or expulsion status.

  1. The program manager will e-mail complete Educational Intake forms to the registrar, counselor and Guidance AP at the site. Student should be enrolled within 24 hours.

  1. The site registrar must request the student’s records immediately. Schools and districts must forward educational records to requesting schools/districts within 2 business days.

  1. The day after registering, the student will come to campus and meet with the School Health Services Manager, their site contact. In the event that there is no Health Services Manager on site, the student will meet with the counselor.